Address: 8 Mose Pijade st, Zajecar
Zajecar Phone: +381 19 420 212
Phone 2: +381 19 442 392
Phone 3: +381 19 428 804
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We were founded on 22.05.1991. (in Sv. Nicholas) as the first private, post-war, pharmacies in the municipality of Zajecar, called PP Unipromet. The original address was the Duke chemists Arm 14 hotels on the present location behind the horse department stores Belgrade. Pharmacy is 10.06.1997. The relocation of the street Can Pijade 8 in the city center between the main post office and green city market, where it is today. Until 12.01.1998 pharmacy operated under the name Unipromet when changing its name to the pharmacy Uniprom to 01.03.1999. because of changes to the law on the company received its final form, a limited liability company and the name Uniprom M. Pillar of successful business policies are employed, highly skilled young and promising personnel in the field of pharmacy, economics and law which results in connection with a number of suppliers, as well as the inculcation of trust among consumers. Therefore, we have become known in the field of sales of pharmaceutical products, and we are always open to new business contacts.