Address: 20 Sterijina st., Vrsac
Vrsac Phone: +381 13 839 629
Phone 2: +381 63 261 446
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Complete your life with a beautiful and healthy smile.

We are happy to present to you our dental clinic and laboratory with years of experience and tradition.

It is our calling to preserve and restore the health and beauty of your smile with your cooperation and help.

At 20 Sterijina street in Vrsac, you can finish everything related to teeth, from diagnostics to therapy and full dental rehabilitation.


We have the latest digital diagnostics 2D and 3D dental imaging with minimum amounts of radiation.

Using a Cranex 3D x-ray machine you can perform an ortopan (individual jaw image), temporomadibular joints imaging, maxsylar sinuses imaging and individual sections of the upper and lower jaw.

Dental x-ray machine allows for individual and bite imaging for upper and bottom jaw.

Seeing how adequate therapy is not possible without proper diagnostics, we have done our best to offer our patients the best quality services all in one place.

We also offer service imaging, allowing you to get your images on film or in a digital format, on CD or e-mail.


At our dental clinic you can gain insight on your oral health with an examination by Dr. Ana Rajin, a specialized oral surgery doctor who graduated from Belgrade University. She can give you advice and suggestions regarding further required therapy.

In service of your health, we offer the following services:

- Removing soft and firm deposits, education and motivation on adequate oral hygiene.
- Treating dental caries, replacing old fillings
- Dental root treatment

All kinds of surgical interventions, including:
- Planning and installing implants
- Wisdom teeth surgery
- Dental cysts
- Surgical interventions as preparation for prosthetic and orthodontic rehabilitation

Dental prosthetics: all kinds of fixated and mobile prosthetics, on existing teeth or installed implants (metal-ceramic and non-metal extensions).

Dental laboratory:

Our team of technicians at dental laboratory Denta-Najs produces all kinds of mobile and fixated prosthetic extensions, foils and teeth-whitening foils. We also have combined works using the latest modern materials (non-metal ceramics) and implant works.

With our common work, knowledge and effort we will achieve the best possible success!