Address: 1 Jakova Ignjatovica st., Vrsac
Vrsac Phone: +381 13 839 629
Phone 2: +381 13 839 630
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Make your life beautiful and healthy smile.
We are pleased to present the dental clinic and dental laboratory with extensive experience and tradition. For us to teamwork, with your cooperation and trust, restore and protect the health and beauty of your mouth.
On at James Ignjatovića 1 in Vrsac can do everything from diagnosis to treatment and complete dental rehabilitation.
We have the most sophisticated digital diagnostics with minimal patient radiation dose.

Use Cranex 3D X-ray machines, we can do it for diagnostic purposes ortopan (review footage fork), recording temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinus, as well as certain sections of the upper and lower jaw.

Dental x-ray machine we capture individual and nagriznih shots in the upper and lower jaw.

As appropriate therapy is impossible without adequate diagnosis, we tried to offer our patients excellent services, all in one place.

Recording work and service, and you can get shots on film or in digital format, on CD or via e-mail.


In our dental office, examination by Dr. Anne Rajin, a doctor specializing in oral surgery at the University of Belgrade, you can gain insight about your oral health, as well as advice and suggestions about further treatment necessary.

The purpose of your health we perform the following services:

- Removal of hard and soft layers, training and motivation in implementing adequate oral hygiene
- Treatment of dental caries, replacing old fillings
- Root canal treatment

All types of surgical procedures, among which are:
  - Planning and implant
  - Wisdom tooth surgery
  - Clean the teeth
  - Surgery in preparation for orthodontic and prosthetic rehabilitation

Prosthodontics: all types of fixed and removable restorations, either to existing teeth or implants (metal-ceramic, metal-free restorations as well)

Dental laboratories:

A team of technicians, dental laboratories Dent-Nice, prepare all kinds of mobile and fixed prosthesis, protective films and foils for teeth whitening, but also combined works, works of modern materials (ceramic crowns) and works on implants.

Joint work, knowledge and effort to always achieve the successes of top quality!