Address: 4 T.C, Vrnjacka banja
Vrnjacka Banja Phone: +381 36 611 432
Phone 2: +381 63 77 32 598
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Services: in this saone you can get a complete treatment of face and body care from the aesthetic and medical pedicure, depilation cold wax, anti-cellulite program, gypsum Bermuda, solarium, manicure, upgrade, and gelation of natural nails electrolysis hair removal, laser hair removal, photo rejuvenation, treatments aging prevention, care and treatment of youthful skin-medical, chronologically and anti-age facials, coloring eyebrows and eyelashes, eyelash perm officially make-up, permanent mejkap eyebrows and lips, healing the soul and body akupukture, relaxation massage the body. Preparations in the beauty salon treatments to Emilia working in the field of cosmetology and the top French houses talgo preparations, especially as current treatment with vitamin ci Colágeno treatments, ella bache, Aphrodite. Home Care: depending on skin type, give advice and recommendations regarding the cream home care Staff: trained overseas with a number of diploma and certificate from the country and abroad