Address: 6 Stefana Prvovencanog st, Vranje
Vranje Phone: +381 416 451
Phone 2: +381 64 273 16 39
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PR Kurjakcopy Vranje provides services to printing, photocopying, processing of TXT on a computer (typing seminar, graduation, etc..) Digitalisation of written material, converting VHS tapes to DVD, binding (connecting the spiral, soft binding, hard cover and graduate, seminar and other written material. Kurjakcopy gives special discounts to persons who are trained or are involved in education, such as: students, teachers, prefesori military personnel ... (everything related to education of a discount). We come by invitation vanradno time and without special compensation! Please note that we copy and print to digital cameras and to guarantee high quality copies - the press, and does not charge for modifications and editing TXT and if there is a need for it (for seminars, graduate and so on. when you bring in digital media).