Address: 11 Omladinskih brigada st, Vranje
Vranje Phone: +381 63 402 275
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Phone 3: +381 17 421 578
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Chemical Industry Vranje is a well known name in the industry.
More than 50 years of uninterrupted growth, continuous improvement, keeping our principle of quality in manufacturing, safety, good design, innovation and outstanding features. Our company has been working

research and development, ensuring that our products are leading in the industry.

Our goals are to provide:

wide range of new products

uniqueness in design and service through the creation of unique products to order

flexibility to meet our customers small and large orders

Each product is designed for a specific use. There are three main principles of our soles: guarantee the best quality, to provide the best comfort and to ensure the quality and durability of a long term


We offer a wide variety of products and services including a complete workshop for the production of molds capable of producing molds on order.

Our goal, and we succeed to timely deliver our orders.

We have built strong relationships with our customers, many have been with us for a long time.