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Address: 1 Vlasinska st., Vlasotince
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In business since: 2013.
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Your friend in your hardest moments.

Nesko is there for you when times are hard.

Funeral and undertaking equipment Nesko Ilic was founded in 2013 with the intent to provide high quality services.

Losing a family member or loved one is a big shock and the last that you need is additional stress and troubles involved with organizing a funeral. 

Our company offers highly professional funeral organization services.

You can participate in every stage of the organization or leave it all to our professional team knowing that we will do it exactly the way you wanted.

In our exhibition salon you can expect a great selection of coffins, half-coffins and caskets.

Our company Nesko Ilic also has a boutique for funeral wear where you can find a full selection of:
- Scarves
- Shirts
- T-shirts
- Towels
- Handkerchiefs
- Flags
- Sets
- Pillows
- Blankets and other accompanying articles

Funeral equipment and undertaking company Nesko Ilic also offers the following in addition to their undertaking equipment:
- Transporting the deceased in our country and abroad
- Shaving and complete preparation of the deceased
- Arranging funeral terms
- Arranging documentation for unlisting the deceased
- In cooperation with the PIO fund, free funeral equipment for pensioners.
- Issuing a funeral cooling device
- Accompanying (transporting) the deceased from their home to their gravesite
- Funeral orchestra
- Making porcelain images for gravestones

And many other services and benefits from our company.



FUNERAL EQUIPMENT NESKO ILIC, 1 Vlasinska st., Vlasotince
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