Address: Vlasinsko jezero
Vlasinsko jezero Phone: +381 64 700 94 65
Phone 2: +381 17 409 902
Phone 3: +381 17 815 471
4/ 5stars

BONI Villa apartment complex is located in the most exclusive location of the lake, located 100 meters from the highway, which crosses the dam and saddle. BONI Villa has 8 double bed apartments of character study, adjusted so that the guest can feel like home. Each partment has its own bathroom, kitchen, stove and refrigerator, TV with satellite TV ... Also available are the three four-bed apartments DUPLEX apartment with the same equipment. BONI Villa is newly built with excellent parking, grassy yard in which exists a newly built covered porch with 20-odd seats and barbecue in the style of old Serbian households, which is always available to guests. Within the apartment complex Villas BONI, there is a store of food stuffs, and fully equipped with all the constant food products and beverages. For a pleasant stay full and adequate experience all the benefits of the lake, the owner cares Villas BONI, Mr. Nikola Crnomarkovic. Villa Boni is also an ideal place for holiday tourists who travel to Greece or return from Greece, because Vlasinsko Lake is half way between Belgrade and Greece. Villa Boni has full steam heating for the entire facility. Vlasinka lake by scientists test the best place in Serbia for the treatment of anemia, to diseases of the thyroid gland and the recovery of patients after chemotherapy for cancer.