Address: 1 Cara Lazara st, Ram, Veliko Gradiste
Veliko Gradiste Phone: +381 12 672 092
Phone 2: +381 64 6750 305
Phone 3: +381 63 338 415
Email: zika.sekulic.ram@gmail.com
Web: www.dunav-trans.com
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Danube-TRANS from Rama independent entrepreneurial company which was formed in 1985. year. with the aim of performing transportation service mission covering the Danube that. establishment and maintenance of the line skelskog crossing for passenger and freight traffic between the frame (the municipalities of Veliko Gradiste Braničevski region) and Banat Palanka (Bela Crkva municipality, South Banat region). Transportation, operates in the following well-established timetable.

Danube Trans are in general trade, carrying skelskog transport between Ram - Banat Palanka, participated as a contractor or subcontractor in hydraulic engineering projects, coastal utvrdnih works, bridges, transportation of goods and cargo on inland waterways. For details about the projects in which we participated and achieved a cooperation can be found here.

Due to a noticeable increase in interest in cruising the Danube in the area from the mouth to the gates of the Great Morava Djerdapa conditioned to the natural beauty of the area, and extraordinary archaeological sites in the area (Viminacijum Ram Fort, Fort Golubačka, ...), the Danube-TRANS is their offer several varieties of cruises on the Danube.

The company DANUBE-TRANS in Ramah, in Cara Lazara Street. 1, in the family home owners on the banks of the Danube. The vessels are stationed in the port Ram and using external.