Address: Balinovic; 10km away from Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 253-105, +381 64 298-7770, +381 64 2099-949

4/ 5stars

The restaurant is located in Balinovici, 10km from Valjevo towards Tara Mountain and Bajina Basta. The restaurant has a tradition of working since 1969. We are widely known for our exquisite lamb roasted meat and homemade bread (set of breads with pork chips, prosciuto and kajmak (Serbian cream)), and we also offer pork roasted meat, barbecue, various stews and fish specialties. We organize lunches for group tours and excursions. Next to the restaurant is a shop where you can buy everything you need for a trip (newspapers, cigarettes, and refreshing drinks). Working hours: 06:00h to 22:00 *** EXTREMELY GOOD PRICES**