Address: 35/a Vladike Nikolaja st., Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 65 86 87 816
Phone 2: +381 14 22 85 10
4/ 5stars

UNA seated in Valjevo has existed since 1995.

Since its inception until today, it has had numerous transformations in its production programs.

You could say it went through the same development that any healthy business has to go through, but always with a clear idea and goal – to modernize our equipment, staff and production programs.

- Heidelberg SORD - A1 format - Heidelberg SORM - B2 format

- Heidelberg GTO - B3 format - Adast DOMINANT 715C - A2 format

- Heidelberg CILINDAR - B2 format -  Heidelberg CILINDAR - B3 format

- UNIVERSAL laser - RISO HC5500

- XEROX Versant 180 Press ~

Our many machines for finishing processes are at our disposal at Una.

UNA provides the following services: digital, offset, screen, typo, tampon and gold inlay printing as well as laser engraving, graphical design and computer preparation.

Our main features include our leading position when it comes to producing and selling photo albums in the region.

Una mega shop seated in Vladike Nikolaja street offers its customers a broad assortment of products.

At our object you can find baby equipment for your little ones, toys, bicycles, scooters for kids, school supplies, bicycles for teenagers and adults, office supplies, books, gallery goods, men and women’s bags and wallets, wallpapers and much more.

Our store occupies a space of 1000m2, 500m2 of which belongs to the printing house and the rest to our retail store on three levels.

The first level is reserved for the youngest (baby equipment and toys), the second level belongs to the gallery and bookstore while the third level contains offices.