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    Bookstores Valjevo

    Address: 8 Zeleznicka st., Valjevo
    Website: www.toptim.rs

    TOP-TIM ltd. production and trade company began work in 1990. We work in production and sales of advertisement materials such as pencils, lighters, notebooks, calendars, textile products and the like.

    We do all types of printing, laser engraving on all materials, dry stamp, folio imprint, direct digital printing, sublimation.

    We offer laser engraving services (for seals, IDs and label tags, we make cryllite glass and cut various materials)

    Our selection of promotional products is constantly improved with new articles, so we can respond to the buyers' specific needs and desires at any time.

    Swift delivery, availability of the stock and the excellent quality of printing is our advantage.

    One of our activities is providing office materials with which we participate in tenders and provide for a large number of companies and institutions.

    Throughout the years, TOP-TIM has become a company recognizable for its diversity, quality and modern merchandise it provides to its buyers.

    By following trends, our always modern and forward-thinking team is young, brave and curious and has a style that comes from experience. TOP – TIM will make you feel sure you chose right.

    To make ourselves even more available, we have four retail stores – three located in Valjevo and one in Ub.

    Two of our stores are organized as multi-brand office supply stores while the store in the center of Valjevo, at 16 Vuka Karadzica street was formed as a “gift-exclusive shop”.

    We also own a specialized watch and jewelry shop with watch servicing where we have over 25 different, globally famous brands.

    We import and distribute the watch brands: MAREA and COLORI and jewelry LEONARDO Jewels.

    Selected with care!

    Link for all sales point is here

    Shop 1

    Valjevo, Vuk Karadzic 16,
    tel: 014 / 231-705
    Opening hours: weekdays 08-2030, Saturday 08-15h

    Shop 2

    tel: 014 / 411-010
    07-2000 weekdays, Saturdays 07-15h

    Shop 3

    Valjevo, Zeleznicka 8,
    tel: 014 / 220-259
    08-2000 weekdays, Saturdays 08-15h

    Shop 4
    Valjevo, Vlade Danilovica 36
    tel: 014/245 211
    weekdays 09-20h, Saturdays 09-15h