Address: 1 Tadica mlin st., Valjevo
Valjevo Phone: +381 14 238 028
4/ 5stars In it's varied offer, the restaurant recommends to its guest trout fish grown in the fish pond that is on the premises pf the restaurant. The fish pond is on th epremises of the restaurant so the guests can see it, and even catch their meal by themselves. Beside the trout specialties restaurant offers a wide selection of barbecue, meals by order, quality fish stew and other kinds of stews. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in away that the space of old Tadic?s Mill adjusted to the modern needs of the guests and that at the same time it haven't lost its rustic appearance and materials that were used when first build and which a were characteristic for the buildings of this type. The whole facility is located on the split if the Gradac River, one of the cleanest rivers of Europe. Part of the river split that passes through the outer part of the mill was turned into a fish pond where Californian trout is grown and which is served to the guests, they can also buy it fresh and prepare it at home and for this they will get the restaurant?s recipe. The interior part of the restaurant consists of three separate parts. A big or main hall. A small hall. The bar. Exterior of the restaurant includes a great lawn and summer garden that is right next to and above the fish pond, so the guests can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and special feeling that is created by the presence of fish in clear water, which with its swimming and moveing trough water have a calming effect on the guests. The garden is particularly pleasant during summer, when cold water from the Gradac River gives pleasant freshness. The restaurant complex also has a spacious yard surrounded by a fence that is unlikely to be seen anywhere else. In front of the entrance there is a big parking for safe vehicle parking.