Address: Terazije st, Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 31 551 462
Phone 2: +381 31 555 362
Web: www.ekoprom.rs
4/ 5stars

EKO PROM LTD is a trading company established in 1998 in Uzice.

The main business is plumbing. Business activity includes direct import of goods distibuciju our business partners all over Serbia. From a wide range of sales range

special emphasis on a flexible tube (links, brinox, flexible couplings ...) manufacturers from Ecos Knight - BH.

Flexible pipes are made of quality materials and have all the domestic and European certifications. Also, we highlight the great offer:

     Galvanized fittings imported
     Semi-clip and brass connector
     Ball valves and faucets
     shower hoses
     nickel-plated fittings
     One hand battery

In addition to fostering good working relationships with partners, "EKO PROM" LLC is known for its extremely fast delivery of goods to the customers address.