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    Restaurants for weddings Uzice

    Address: 24a 1300 Kaplara st (city beach), Uzice
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    In business since: 06.03.2012.

    You know it’s Uzice by the river Djetinja and nestled on her left shore is the “Moja reka” restaurant where you can enjoy good food, fine wines and whispers of the river. “Moja Reka” is an oasis for all those who work hard and are always in a rush because it provides relaxation, for lovers because it offers an intimate corner, for family people because it makes every meal memorable. Perhaps its unique atmosphere is best described by the note one of our guests left in our book of impressions: “This is the place where I remembered my first love.”

    At “Moja Reka” you will remember the past, gladly face the present and more happily wait for newer times. For all the hedonists we’ve prepared SERBIAN AND INTERNATIONAL SPECIALTIES and HIGH QUALITY WINES.

    Excerpt from the menu:

    Omelets 200,00
    "Komplet" flatbread 170,00
    Beef liver 240,00
    Goat cheese in olive oil and herbs 350,00
    Caesar salad 440,00
    Fitness trout salad 490,00
    Soups 200,00
    Spicy chicken 580,00
    "Parma" chicken 790,00
    Stuffed chicken rolls in bacon 690,00
    Cranberry and honey sauce chicken 690,00
    Smoked trout fillet with almonds 990,00
    Salmon fillet 1350,00
    “Orli” perch 1200,00
    Fire roasted steak 1190,00
    Blueberry sauce steak 1390,00
    Tartar steak 1150,00
    Deep fried boletus 490,00
    Turkey a la "Moja reka" 850,00
    Smoked pork fillet in "kajmak" cream 750,00
    Stuffed smoked hanger 750,00
    Veal chop 1150,00
    Veal fillet with dried plums 1300,00
    “Karadjordje” steak 720,00
    Salmone pasta 580,00
    “Uzicanka” 520,00
    Pizza "Napoli Bella" 480,00
    Cake 180,00
    Pancakes (eurokrem, plazma) 210,00
    We are also pleased to offer services in organizing all kinds of celebrations for up to 90 guests. We organize all kinds of celebrations at your home address. We organize cocktails with appropriate catering, we provide space for presentations and promotions with appropriate services – “takeout” chef (our chef in your kitchen). Every Saturday we arrange for good music vibes to complete your gastronomic enjoyment: tamburitza bands or club music – it’s your choice.

    It is recommended to make a reservation.


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