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Years of experience, excellent music skill and talent and of course excellent taste in music contribute to the overall experience that our RULET BAND brings to every performance and event with fantastic live music where we play your most beloved hits.

Whether you need a band for your birthdays, weddings, parties, celebrations or any other occasion, RULET BAND will make your every event special.

Our rich repertoire of songs includes over five thousand hits and we are there to satisfy every taste and preference in music, ranging from pop to our national folk music and from old to modern hits - we are there for anything you request.

Per your request we will perform anything from Nirvana to Sylvana.

Our associates in making the perfect music and entertainment experience include Alexandar photos from Uzice and Dejan with his Verce audio and Midas sound systems.

Rulet band is there to make your every event an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to Dejan's sound systems we provide the perfect musical experience as well as "Alexandar photo" services that will help you commemorate all your important moments. All this results in an event that will not only be remembered but also commemorated with images that speak more than words.

Give us your trust and in return we will organize entertainment that your party guests will remember.


RULET BAND, nn Sevojno st., Uzice
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