Address: 12 Vukole Dabica st., Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 31 552 441
Phone 2: +381 64 166 88 66
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Practice Gino-M has existed since 2002 and is the owner of Dr Milanka Maca Zaric, an obstetrician gynecologist.

Consultants are:

- Dr Mirjana Paunovic Kokosar, obstetrician gynecologist
- Dr Olivera Jezdic, obstetrician gynecologist
- Dr Vesna Misajlovic, obstetrician gynecologist
- Dr Ljiljana Ponjavic, MD

The only office that has a license from the Ministry of Health to work in the short-term interventions intervenskoj anesthesia.

We can make:

- Gynecological examination and colposcopy
- Pap test
- All swabs
- Review of the breast and breast ultrasound
- Control of pregnancy (ultrasound, CTG)
- All kinds of gynecological interventions
- Diagnosis and treatment of marital infertility
- Counseling for Youth (contraceptive)
- Counseling for menopause

Working hours: Monday to Friday 09h.

Examinations are scheduled.

We also provide checks and Saturdays, and these checks are specially scheduled by listed phone numbers.