Address: nn Heroja Dejovica st., Sevojno
Uzice Phone: +381 31 532 033
Phone 2: +381 63 800 00 43
Phone 3: +381 69 687 788
Fax: +381 31 532 033
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We trade in building materials.
Our merchandise is delivered to the desired address with our own unloading.
We are located in Sevojno 500m from the main road.
You can find all kinds of building materials, and some of the items are:
-a natural stone
Blok all types and sizes
covers insulation
-sand, soder, gravel
-all for facade and insulation works
-Joinery PVC and wood
-plastic water and sewer pipes
-covers all sorts of shapes and models
-Construction materil and many others ...
We also offer all kinds of services in civil engineering and hydraulic engineering for which we have complete equipment and professional staff as well as physical labor.
We make wide excavation, all kinds of dikes, punching roads, paving, demolition of the existing facilities, cleaning the grounds and river beds.
For more information contact us at the above phone numbers, and make sure our quality and business.