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    Catering Uzice

    Address: 5 Kralja Petra 1st st., Uzice
    Fax +381 31 514 276


    Production of pie, burek and Uzice complete buns
    5 King Peter I street
    31000 Uzice

    Blue Moon and King Peter I No.5 - 031/513 069 - opening hours: 00-24

    Blue Moon II N.PAŠIĆA 30 - 031/513 133 - Working hours: 06-22h

    Blue Moon III Mary Mage Magazinovic 42 - 031/521 996 - Working hours: 06-14h

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    * Burek with meat
    * Burek with cheese
    * Burek empty
    * Pie with mushrooms
    * Spinach pie
    * Potato pie
    * Rice pie
    * Uzice complete bun
    * Apple pie
    * Cherry pie
    * Pie with plums
    * Pie pumpkin cheese pie - pie made of buckwheat flour with cheese, cream and eggs

    NEW !!!


    For all your events, celebrations, fame and family gatherings!

    Canapes, baskets, balls, pies, sticks, salads, salad skewers, all kinds of meat (barbecue pork), fish, cakes, pies, fruit baskets and much more.

    Fasting and non-fasting offer!

    For more information call 060/6448209



    We want to awaken the flavors of childhood and the love of burek which originated in the 60s and gave birth to the idea of BLUE MOON bakery.

    Applying old recipes and using the best quality ingredients and the skilled hands of our bakers, traditional way of hand made crust we make burek, pies and famous Uzice complete buns enjoyed by all.

    BLUE MOON bakery was founded in 1994 and offers over 16 kinds of various products. It has three sales objects, one of which has been open 24 hours per day since the day it was opened. We employ 20 workers.

    The entire assortment of our bakeries was made and controlled using the highest world standards and the HACCP system which was introduced 10th of April 2009.


    Since we began work we have been actively participating in the cultural, entertainment and humanitarian life of the town of Uzice. From year to year we have helped and sponsored a large number of events at our city such as Park Fest festival, from 2012 Jugoslavia theatre festival, the Uzice National Theare, moto crosses, full control bike in the Tornik ski center, NEXT festival, dog shows, chess and dart tournaments, mountaineering association RUJNO, blood donors' association Uzice, Serbs for Serbs organization, "Trojka iz bloka", memorial tournament Radomir Raso Mutavszic, Women's center and Counseling center for the women with breast cancer, Jefimija school contests, slava days and much more.