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    Bus and van transportation Uzice

    Address: 3 Velii Park st., Uzice

    Our newly opened formal hall “Duga” is located in the heart of Uzice.

    Our hall has 90 seats, excellent lighting, no internal pillars and two separated booths.

    The formal hall “Duga” has its own parking lot.

    Duga” is there for you for all kinds of celebrations, festivities, presentations, seminars, formal dinners, retirement parties, graduations, birthdays...

    We offer you full organization for all your events.


    The best way to comfortably transport smaller groups especially for longer destinations.

    We transport passengers in our country and abroad.

    Our minibus has 20 seats, is air-conditioned and has video and audio equipment for the best possible comfort.

    For more info call us at: 031/51-35-61; 031/52-32-26


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