Address: nn Bele vode, Uzice
Uzice Phone: +381 65 355 50 53
Phone 2: +381 186 38 30
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Renault and Dacia Service Užice
Since the start of business, Auto Service "Laguna" done a complete service cars.
In order to make their business from day stay on the top level, we try to provide a quality service that is always impeccable.
We specialize as a Renault and Dacia service in Uzice, for all their vehicles.
Here you can buy a full range of parts for all types Reno and Dacia cars of all ages.
As part of the service we Reno auto repair services, and in addition to vehicle diagnostics.
We also have a towing service with which we do business on the territory of Serbia.
If you need a Reno service vehicles in Uzice, please contact us for further information by phone or e-mail.