Address: 1a Jovana Skerlica st., Topola
Topola Phone: +381 34 681 13 65
Phone 2: +381 63 811 365
Phone 3: +381 62 444 03 33
4/ 5stars

Vozd Restaurant is located in the center of Poplars at the entrance of the street in Belgrade John Skerlić 1a.

We offer 60 places in the beautiful surroundings of the interior and 30 seats specially landscaped gardens.

All guests are offered dishes of national cuisine and special offers Oplenac vineyards.

In addition to all we offer a large selection of hot and cold appetizers, soups and stews, fish dishes, house specialties, grilled meat, salads and desserts.

With great food, especially you can enjoy the best Serbian wines Wineries Alexandrovich, Royal winery, cellar Radovanovic, Janko Winery, Wineries Spasic. Also at your service using wireless and all types of credit cards.

Our pictures speak louder than words, and please visit us, we expect you 365 days a year.

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