Address: nn Dimitrija Katica st., Svilajnac
Svilajnac Phone: +381 35 314 353
Phone 2: +381 35 312 474
Phone 3: +381 60 031 24 74
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Car service Savic is equipped to provide regular car servicing through the following activities:

- Car part store
- Servicing and regulating the trap and brake systems
- Tire services
- Filling air-conditioners
- Selling tires for all vehicle programs in the system Vulco

We strive to provide you with parts and install them in one place for the purposes of regular and periodic maintenance of your vehicle.

With our latest equipment, affordable prices, delayed payments and professional staff, we are available to all our users' demands.

We would like to thank all our current and future users for their trust and wish them safe and happy driving.