Address: Trg Heroja, Svilajnac
Svilajnac Phone: +381 60 33 111 42,+381 60331 01 95 +381 35 312 219
Phone 2: +381 35 314 201 (car service)
Phone 3: +381 34 68 41 953, +381 60 33 101 92
4/ 5stars

The company "DM START" was established on 1st of May 2009 in Svilajnac.

Initially DM START function solely as a retailer, but a few years later to run a fully equipped service.

Successful business forced us to expand the scope of work and the policies of our house I include a wholesale store located on King Peter I bb.

Listening to the needs of consumers and following modern trends of business and markets close the loop DM START constantly advancing and expanding its activities in terms of business and personnel management, market competitiveness, and in partnership with our clients, with the aim of increasing the quality of its services and product range.

This claim is supported primarily consumer confidence, ongoing work on quality in all business segments and a high degree of professionalism.

In its wide range of offers for all types of cars DM START particular stands out: a large selection of motor oil, filters, gear parts, batteries, shock absorbers, exhaust, brakes, tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles worldwide leading manufacturers, alloy wheels, car cosmetics, accessories and more.

The thing we draw special attention to the service, which, among other things, provides services in the fields of mechanics, light, mounting and balancing tires and alignment gear.

It also gives special attention to it, to all our customers we service parts supply within 24 hours.

Fast quality and cheap, you DM START.