Address: 74 Zmaj Jovina st., Stara Pazova
Stara Pazova Phone: +381 22 311 902
Phone 2: +381 65 334 42 21
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Company MILBO-GRAF was founded in 2000 from the heritage of the family business Natasa Milanovic, which carries the tradition of craftsmanship in our family since 1966.
Our main activity is printing, printing of sheets which involves making bar codes, declarations, memorandums, NCR blocks, business cards, folders, printing on envelopes, making books and magazines, packaging boxes for biscuits, boxes made to order for a variety of products and a lot of it.

Some of our products are hair brushes, syringes, cake, salad bowl, there's and children's toys and flying saucer-frisbee and play "Do not be mad man".

As far as the plastic VAKUMAT is concerned we work to order in making a variety of packaging films for packaging of PET film. ili na kontakt tel.">If you are interested in working with us please feel free to contact us by e-mail or contact tel. 065 / 334-42-21 Contact person Bojan Milanovic.