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Plastics and plastics Lazarevac

Address: 116 7. Oktobra, Ibarska road, Stepojevac

Since 1993 we have tried to satisfy our customers' daily needs of our customers through small and large plastic products. By following trends and your requests we improve our products.

We come to your aid and create for you.

With a large number of machines, employees and in constant communication with consumers we get your trust and in the swiftest, most efficient way fulfill your requests.

We sell in retail and wholesale, guarantee product authenticity, obtain new products per our clients wishes, form partnerships and friendships.

In Knezevic sales objects you can get help from our kind salespeople or give them your advice, praise or requests.

STZR KNEZEVIC, 116 7. Oktobra, Ibarska road, Stepojevac
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