Address: 10a Mose Pijade st., Sremska Kamenica
Sremska Kamenica Phone: +381 21 462-860, +381 63 8982-777

4/ 5stars

What is it that makes us special? The complex is located on the edges of Fruska Gora Mountain (close to the Institute in Kamenica), and less than 10km away from the centre of Novi Sad. Restaurant has two halls, big and comfortable garden and barbecue a nd offers great variety of the most quality drinks. A 20 year long tradition guarantees the quality. A modern motel with lovely garden is a right place to have rest in the fresh air. Specially chosen colors and materials will make your staying very pleasant. At your disposal there are two bed bedrooms, three bed bedrooms, and four bed bedrooms, and each room has a cable TV, telephone, and modern bathroom. For our guests there is a spacious parking lot on the premises of the motel. At the end of the day you can have a drink or play a game of pools in the fun saloon.