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Feryboat transport of passengers and vehicles (cars, heavy trucks and buses) from the ferry "Breza" from Ram in Banat Palanka. Time of travel takes on average 15 minutes and according to schedule from November to February inclusive (in March begins the spring schedule), and the s. Ram in: 07, 09, 12 and 15 hours. From s. Banat Palanka for s. Ram in: 08, 10, 13 and 16 hours, - Are accomplished and unforgettable one-day, the tourist - a panoramic tour Danube River along most parts of the ship pub ANA capacity of 100 passengers, which is normally located in the Winter home (Silver Lake) and from s. Ram, over gorge and Lower Golubac Milanovac to Kazan in the Iron Gate. The facility is decorated banquet hall where the guests have all the conditions for a pleasant stay and maximum pleasure. There is also a furnished terrace, which again offers fantastic conditions for special events and enjoyment during navigation. With agreement on the time and place of landing, 90-time guests can comfortably sit in the lounge and the Danube to sail all day with consumption: the desired number of meals, drinks of all kinds and with live music. Above the current salon is a terrace, protected from the sun umbrellas and where is located the bar. A terrace with a view of the Danube and the mainland and enjoy more vivid shade of which larger. - Organize the Danube transport of goods of large dimensions and scaffolding: SASA SASA 2 and 3rd SASA scaffold 2 is 47H dimensions 9.5 meters, the height of the side is 3 feet, the minimum draft is 0.6 m, with a ramp 6 h 5 m Capacity is 490 tons and is designed to transport cargo of dimensions (cranes, heavy machinery, etc.) and can be used in the construction of bridges. SASA scaffold 3 is the dimension 49 x 10 m, height 1.8 m side, the minimum draft of 0.4 with a ramp and ramp dimensions are 6 x 5 m, and carrying capacity is 416 tons. The purpose is the same as in scaffolding SASA 2, - Rent vessels feryboat type, - We accept all types of boats on the regulated agree-pontoon P - 004 VG at the border crossing in Veliko Gradiste, - The box has a green plan and develop a farm of 300 sheep Winterberg race. They are planning a special development projects in this field. IN THE FORMATION OF THE COMPANY AND THERE ARE STILL WORKING: 1. FREE SHOOP (Public bonded warehouses - in the regime of continuous-time) supplied various goods of the highest quality, 2. Stylish restaurant, 3. Dispatching and forwarding offices in all kinds of activities in this field, and 4. Ethno-shop with a diverse range of unique: handmade clothes (branded product from Sirogojno); Shop by which the Serbian and UK. Fortification generally recognized and in which the motives of the Danube; Food medicinal domestic products (honey and honey-based products), and alcoholic beverages: DANUBE sparks DANUBE DANUBE GROM and fire, as the world famous GOLDEN BISERKA. All these facilities are located on the bank of the Danube at the border crossing in Veliko Gradiste.