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    Apartments Srebrno jezero

    Address: Beli Bagrem nn, Srebrno jezero

    In our offer we have two accommodation objects.

    The first building is located around 400m away from the Silver Lake.

    Each apartment has:
    - A kitchen
    - Bathroom
    - Living area
    - A bedroom with a king-sized bed
    - Terrace
    - TV with cable access and internet
    - Barbecue
    - Big fenced yard and parking


    Our second building is located only 50m away from the beach.

    It has single, double rooms and a six-bed apartment.

    The rooms have their own bathroom, terrace and a shared kitchenette.


    The apartment has:
    - 2 three-bed rooms
    - 2 bathrooms
    - Living area
    - Kitchen
    - Terrace
    - TV with cable access and internet.


    The price per overnight stay is:


    -        850rsd overnight stay

    -        1250rsd bed and breakfast in nearby restaurant

    -        1650rsd overnight stay and half-board in nearby restaurant


    Children up to 5 years old can stay with us free of charge.

    Children aged 5-12:
    - 500rsd overnight stay
    - 900rsd overnight stay with breakfast in nearby restaurant
    - 1300rsd bed and half-board in nearby restaurant