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    Construction companies and services Sombor

    Address: 95 Tome Roksandica st, Sombor
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 2000.

    The main activity of SZR, Hydro-MD "is HIDROIZOLACIJA that. Protection of all types of buildings from rising damp, totally cutting off the wall and placing quality waterproofing.

    -It is well known that capillary moisture damages the walls of their actions, and housing can be harmful to health.

    That's why we decided to provide services in the rehabilitation and prevention of the devastating consequences of action rising damp houses and old buildings of historical, cultural and social importance (churches,

    Monasteries, museums, theaters schools ...)

    -The only way to permanently remove unaltered, and the problem is mechanical cutting of the walls and the subsequent development of horizontal insulation.

    This method has several advantages in comparison to some classical solutions because it is faster, does not disturb the stability of the building (no subsidence and cracking walls) and is economically profitable.


         Manual electric saws, using vidija chains.
         Special machine, diamond wire, cutting through the wall thickness up to 10 m.
         Vertical hydro-bonding condor on the wall.

    * NOTE *

    We guarantee the quality of work!

    Over 20 years experience!

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