Address: 34 Monostorska st., Sombor
Sombor Phone: +381 25 462 288
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We are located in Sombor and provide absolute privacy and comfort for your patients in the area of 500m2.

We provide a complete service in the field of anti-aging, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

All our efforts are directed towards one goal, and that is customer satisfaction.

With our experience and results we provide assurance to our customers that their needs will be met at the highest level.

The offer includes:

Cosmetic surgery

* Correction of the upper and lower eyelids
* Facelift and neck correction
* Correction of the nose
* Breast augmentation implants
* Reduction and breast lift
* Lifting the whole body
* Laser Liposuction
* Increase / lift buttocks
* Surgical tattoo removal
* Male breast reduction
* Genital surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

* All types of breast reconstruction after mastectomy
* Correction of deformity after surgical intervention
* Removal of tumors of the skin and soft tissue
* Reconstruction and operative hand surgery
* Dekutibalnih surgical treatment of wounds
* Treatment of burns and consequences
* Reconstruction after major weight loss
* Operation of different hernia under local anesthesia

Anti-aging treatments

* Hyaluronic acid
* Botox
* PRP + filler + Roller
international instructor
* Mesonites
* Mesotherapy
* "Happy lifting" - NEW!
National Coach
* Cosmetic treatments
* Cosmeceuticals:
Neostrata and SKINMEDIC

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 09-19h
Sub 09-14h