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    Aesthetic surgery Vrsac

    Address: 21a Vardarska st., Vrsac

    Dr Grujic Aesthetics offers a broad selection of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery services.

    Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is done by the Prim. Mr sci. med. Ljubisa M. Grujic who is specialized in multiple surgical branches:

    - Aesthetic surgery
    - Reconstructive surgery
    - Reconstructive micro-surgery
    - Laser surgery
    - Hand surgery

    The Prim. Mr sci. med. Ljubisa M. Grujic works closely with doctors from other medical branches in order to provide all-encompassing care and protection for their patients.

    The services we offer at Dr Grujic Aesthetics include:

    Reconstructive surgery:
    - Reconstructive surgery for breasts
    - Hand surgery
    - Dupuytren's contracture
    - Compressive syndrome
    - Congenital hand anomalies
    - Hand tumours
    - Reconstructive microsurgery
    - Reconstructon of post-traumatic defects

    Aesthetic surgery:

    - Forhead skin tightening
    - Facial skin tightening
    - Occular rejuvenation
    - Otoplastics (ear correction)
    - Rhynoplastics (nose correction)
    - Genioplastics (chin correction)
    - Mamoplastics (reduction, enlargement and tightening for breasts)
    - Correcting asymmetrical breasts
    - Nipple correction
    - Abdominoplastics (abdominal reduction)
    - Labioplastics
    - Posterior enlargement or reduction
    - Lyposculpture and lyposuction
    - Lyposculpture and lypolifting
    - Removing skin changes
    - Removing scars

    Non-surgical procedures

    - Dermoscopy
    - Fillers (hyaluronic acid), wrinkles, lips, facial asymmetry
    - Botox
    - Vampire lifting PRP (plasmet rich plasma) - injecting plasma enriched with growth factors and collagen regeneration.
    - Chemical peeling
    - Microdermal abrasion with a diamond head
    - Skin rejuvenation
    - Acne and post-acne treatments
    - Mesiotherapy
    - Permanent laser depilation
    - 3D mesionites - non-surgical lifting

    Prim. Mr sci. med. Ljubisa M. Grujic is a member of :

    - The international plastic surgeon association (IPRAS)
    - The Serbian plastic surgeon association (SRBPRAS)
    - The European plastic surgeon association (EBOPRAS)
    - The Balkan plastic surgeon association (BAPRAS)
    - Romanian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and
      Aestetic Surgery (ROPRAS)
    - Romanian Society of Phleobology and Limphology
    - Romanian Society of Hand Surgery
    - Romanian Society of Angiology
    - Romanian Society of Aestetic Surgery
    - Romanian Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery