Address: Josanica village (on the road Aleksinac - Soko Banja)
Soko Banja Phone: +381 18 836-006, +381 62 429-129, +381 64 534-81-41
4/ 5stars

Family Lazic Zorica and Daniel Old rural property with water mill from 1888 We offer hospitality, kindness and time for each guest: people of good, passengers, friends ... With all that as required by tradition and customs of ancient houses, the village, to serve food and drinks. Are different from others because we are genuine, authentic and traditional. Everything was like it was. Everything is spontaneous, natural, no standards, imposed rules, no commercialism. Has offered hand and warmly welcome, peace and warmth of home, time, attention, refreshment. A special highlight of this house gives a water mill in its framework. Millstone humming with the roar and rumble ceketala water, and grind all kinds of grain, giving the right ones and the healthy kind of flour: - especially wholegrain wheat flour, - corn yellow corn flour, - Integrated Rasen flour ... The tradition of this house and in terms of receiving guests. From 1961 to today through the house and garden is the river past reviews, in parallel with the river flowing beneath the mill. Our meeting with each guest is one story: Randomly stopped at this beautiful, hidden little town and meet such wonderful people, Zorica, and Daniel. Thank goodness it was just so, it would have been poorer for a great experience and a new friendship. Food is a boon to the palate and taste divine, and the host soothe your soul. Visnja and Zoran Lazarevac 17.09.2010. WELCOME!