Address: 9 Dimitrija Davidovica st., Smederevo
Smederevo Phone: +381 26 617 788
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The office began its work in June 2001.

The surgery is performed by a pediatric specialist and sub-specialist examinations, check-ups for children from kindergarten and school, speech therapy treatments and motor disorders.

In addition, the office is doing and inhalation and aspiration, dressing wounds and bandages, dressing the navel and sora babies injections.

Also, in addition to services in the office organized, if need be, and home visits.

In addition to treatment of sick children in the office can be obtained and advice for care and maintenance of healthy children.

In addition to the classic treatment of children by the office applies the homeopathic method of treatment of children carried out by doctor-pediatrician who is a licensed homeopath (doctor and clinic licensed by the Ministry of Health).

Practice for many years cooperates with insurance companies Generali, Uniqa and Wiener Stadtsche in the field of voluntary health insurance.

Access to children during examinations and treatments, atmosphere and ambience in the office make efforts to achieve an objective in the current slogan:


The office works in the following order:

Monday-Friday from 9 to 13 and from 17 am to 20 pm

Saturday from 9 am to 13 pm

Do not take appointments.

Contact the clinic can be made by phone:

026 / 617-788, ili preko"> ili preko">via e-mail  or our Facebook page Pedijatrijska ordinacija NEVEN