Address: 61 Vojvodjanska st., Bergasovo, Sid
Sid Phone: +381 22 718 195
Phone 2: +381 22 718 192
Phone 3: +381 63 860 12 56, +385 91 292 36 57
Email: sorockosid@yahoo.com
Web: www.dekorativnokrzno.com
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We are one of the few family workshops, which has a rounded program of production, starting from raw hides to finished product.

We are most oriented to the processing of leather of domestic animals and wild animals, such as goats, lamb, veal and deer.

Leather and fur clothes are lately much neglected, and we all know that this is the first clothes that people used.

One of the advantages of leather and fur that is natural, non-polluting, easily broken down and most importantly it's very warm.
Lamb fur as a natural insulator keeps body heat in winter, and in summer it cools, so the tracks, covers and car seat covers made of fur can be used both in winter and summer.

For all purchased goods we send to your home address.