Address: 64 Svetog Save st. Sid
Sid Phone: +381 22 710-344
Phone 2: +381 63 82-58-050
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Michelin is a quick service which runs replacement - Oils, - Wheels, - exhausts. Here you can find the tires of all the world leading manufacturers of tires for cars, tractors, forklifts ... We also offer filters, batteries, car oil and all the cosmetics! In our service it is and optics-maintaining gear, which is recommended for vehicles that have changed gear or parts may have "stumbled" on a hole on the way! Optics gear is recommended each year to ensure themselves and other road users. If you have problems with brakes, shock absorbers or trapo your car, our masters, with extensive experience and modern machines, it will solve your problems with the car! Visit us, let us take care of your car!



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