Address: 88 Veljka Paunovica st, Sid
Sid Phone: +381 22 710 421
Phone 2: +381 63 541 958
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Catering shop ROLO Sid

Across the street from the customs terminal in the restaurant's cuisine, stews, soups, barbecue, where appropriate roast on a spit.

Rooms for the night several days with a discount up to 30% and the use of daily rest.

We produce all kinds of aluminum and PVC blinds, blinds making strip curtains, mosquito nets fixed with PVC and AL and AL mosquito nets with fiberglass mesh.
We do the replacement and installation of PVC and AL joinery with a warranty for installation.
We also do PVC fence slats 82mm wide.

The plot is located in the street. Veljko Paunovic 88 at Sid.
Contact tel. / Fax: 022/710-421, 063/541 958 and 062/19 56 975

We offer a varied and store plastic items and showroom located on the international route to Croatia ul. Cara Lazara 77, tel. 022/711-990