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    Glasscutters, glass processing Sabac

    Address: nn Stanislava Radica st.,Tabanovic, Sabac
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 2008.



    Glasscutter workshop “Ogledalo” makes all kinds of glass and we especially specialize in making therma-glass.


    We also offer ready-made joinery in your desired size and request.


    Glassing up joinery with thermal glass is done using a glass-package (isopan)


    The main glass package contains two layers of glass.


    Per the clients' request, we can also set up glass-packages with three or more layers.


    Because there are so many types of glass we work with, we will only list several most commonly used:


    - FLOT
    Normal, transparent glass without optical fracturing.


    Glass with a low-emission film that improves heat isolation. In a package, this glass is also called termopan.


    - PARSOL
    Glass tinted in mass with improved solar qualities


    Glass created in a pyrolitic procedure with improved solar qualities


    Glass with relief patterns to reduce transparency and for aesthetic effect.

    You can only make out shapes through this glass and not see clearly unless the object is very close.

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