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Flowers and flower shops Sabac

Address: 3 Vojvode Misica st., Sabac
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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In business since: 2005.
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Flower Decoration Centre, Sabac Like most, love for flowers and use flowers as an element of decoration, dates from early childhood. This love is only with age and strengthen the use of passion flower and combine with natural materials, as well as the breeding area was growing stronger. In early 2003, Flower Decoration four, begins its work in Belgrade, but for family reasons after two years moved to Sabac and continued with the same enthusiasm as at the beginning. Of course, it is not difficult if you are a model and as an inexhaustible source of inspiration is the best European floral designer Djordje Varda. Vision Flower Decoration Centre is that flowers should not be only plant that is given as a sign of attention as a bouquet or in a simple, humble form. Flowers, as one of the most beautiful gifts of nature must show our feelings, moods, and the person you give it, make it clear that this is not a mere gesture of appreciation or courtesy. Also, spaces in which to place some of the most important moments in life must necessarily be pleasant, cheerful and refined with floral and fruit arrangements. Something is happening to man only once in your life, do not miss the opportunity to be unique in every way! Therefore, we offer plenty of ideas, we are ready to cooperate to jointly come up with solutions that will satisfy your desires and needs and our standards that every day become higher. Flower Decoration Centre doors are always open.

FLOWER DECORATION CENTRE, 3 Vojvode Misica st., Sabac
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