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Sabac Phone: +381 62 369 100
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Quality AS , Agency for consulting services in the areas of quality , established with the aim of spreading the trend of implementing ISO standards in the field of Sabac and their surrounding regions .

Leading position in the market in the country and a significant presence in the market of the Republic of Serbia and the city of Sabac as Mačva is a goal that is possible if the recorded quality consulting services in accordance with the highest international standards , requirements and trends of development and there are a number of plan confirmation certificates of domestic and foreign certification body .

We are particularly proud of the fact that our consultants and associates known university professors in certain fields of management, as well as young associates who have completed the last few years of specialized faculty in the field of application of ISO standards .

Consultants in Quality AS have significant experience in consulting for implementation :

- ISO 9001:2008 - Standard for quality management systems

- ISO 14001:2004 - Standard for Systems Environmental Management

- HACCP and ISO 22000
OHSAS 18001 - Occupational Standards for Management Systems Occupational Health and Safety Staff

- An integrated approach to application requirements of ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14000, ISO 22000, HACCP , OHSAS 18000

- ISO 17025 , EN ISO 13485 , EN ISO 3834 , EN ISO 1090, FSI , FSC , BRC , Global Gap
- CE mark

We have implemented a variety of standards in more than one hundred fifty different clients .

Through the implementation of the training program Quality AS interprets their business partners and all interested individuals and companies, spesifične details relating to:

- The introduction of self- management

- Verify the effectiveness and efficiency of management ( internal audit )

- Implementation , maintenance and continuous improvement of management systems

- Organization and improving business processes

Together with its partners and customers Quality AS shall exchange mutual experiences , presentation and discussion of the latest global developments in the field of management .


Contact by telephone; 062 369 100 , 063 8223504