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Car air conditioning Sabac

Address: Vuk Karadzic 16, Duvaniste, Sabac
Viber: 064/336-76-76
Whatsapp: 064/336-76-76
Works out in the field Works out in the field
In business since: 1991.

Auto Service SIMKE

Service from the beginning of their work, their attitude and quality of service earned the trust and affection of their customers. Each employee has their own responsibilities and the maximum effort to fulfill them to the end.

Technicians working on your car will respond to every question they ask about the status of your vehicle.

The auto service SIMKE offers its customers a wide range of services. With the latest equipment and tools we provide mechanic services and electronics in vehicles.

Each car maintained in our service is being introduced into our computer database which allows efficient access to the aim of better vehicle maintenance. In addition, and as you get the safety car service SIMKE thoughts on each vehicle, even if you forgot.

Give your vehicle the best, come to A.S. Simke!

AUTO SERVICE SIMKE, Vuk Karadzic 16, Duvaniste, Sabac
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