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Auto parts Sabac

Address: Highway road Ruma - Sabac
Whatsapp: 063/845-84-52
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Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
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In business since: 2006.

New and used parts for all types of Audi vehicles.

Failure Diagnosis on modern machines, mechanical services, electronics, sheet metal and paint.

We work harder and interventions AUDI cars: modifications to the automatic transmission with manual transmission, modification of the steering wheel from right to left side of the vehicle, replace the whole engine (2500 cm3 engine removal and installation of 1900 cm3 engine, etc..

Many years of experience in repairs AUDI vehicles.

We are located on the main road Ruma-Sabac, before the bridge at the entrance to Sabac.

NEW STEFY COMPANY, Highway road Ruma - Sabac
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