Address: nn Vladimira Nazora st., Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 22 474 265
Phone 2: +381 63 841 15 95
Email: unipro@neobee.net
Web: www.uniprogres.rs
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Since its founding in 1991 the company has been engaged in trade and commerce of complete water and waste material with an emphasis on full participation in investment operations and maintenance of existing pipelines and installation, as in our assortment we have everything from the goods which is necessary (pipes of all species, plumbing fittings, coupling elements, fittings).

Since 1997 we have own warehouse sized 4400m2, since 2004 on the same site we have an administrative building of 200m2 and sales and exhibition hall of 250m2. Its distinctive and professional work of the establishment, we managed to make business contacts and serve almost all waterworks, utility companies, authorities, water management organizations.

Above all it is our activity, and reasonable prices, quality and tested goods which is always accompanied with quality certificate. Pride and hope to last long in this region, and beyond, and rightfully expect to expand our circle of business associates to our mutual satisfaction.