Address: 12 Rumska st., Voganj, Ruma
Ruma Phone: +381 22 448 517
Phone 2: +381 64 320 92 47
Phone 3: +381 63 553 274
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Production of professional catering equipment - refrigeration and cooking equipment, as well as "Inox" products is the main activity of this successful private company whose establishment was preceded by many years of work in this area.

In just 10 years of its existence, quality, fast delivery and a wide range of its products, "Frigo bel" has gained a large number of clients, and its devices are now in the bakery, catering and retail shops throughout Serbia.

Well-known names of our food industry as "Zlatiborac," "Sweet Heart" bakery "KIFLOVSKI", are one of the many satisfied customers of company "Frigo bel".

The basis of "Frigo bel" production program consists of:

- Cooling equipment: cupboards, cabinets, tables, dairy, bars

- THERMO PROGRAM: hot display cases, hot table, pizza ovens, grills, gas and electricity, a professional stove (gas and electric) for catering, fryers, pancake, grills (gas, charcoal and electric), toasters

- "INOX" program (neutral): tables, sinks, floor racks, cash counters, wall units, hood, Hlebar for bread and cakes

Deadline for each product is 7 days, from the material according to customer, and every customer is provided and transport (60 km away), installation and service, as well as the warranty period of 12 months.

We invite you to yourself the quality of their performance, durability and functionality of the product, and to trust a team of young professionals with experience of more than a decade.

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