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    Accommodation Raska

    Address: Beoci, Raska

    Ethno house CAKMARA is in Ibar valley, 6km north of Raska. The first impression you will create the right gate was erected on stilts, and before you enter into this strange world, you'll see a stone wall that the whole structure and architecture holds so strongly. Above the stone rise to ring the restaurant, made out of hazel twigs. Feeling of warmth that you never leave, you pull the bosom of this unusual building that you would in warmer was unreal. In the lower part of the restaurant, meeting with every aspect of furniture remarkable, you almost breathless. Middle of the huge pillars, the embodiment of warmth and security of home where you are. Tables almost natural, tree node shows the beauty, the beauty of tree rings, because this forest there. To the upper house will take you step. When you sit up you have the impression that they are archaic and architecture are inseparable. In this house there are many things to think that it's time fly, but ethno-owner of the house he found the meaning of each term. Ethno house is rich in old dishes, carefully selected drinks, friendly service. In all this there is something the museum, and so virtually all the impressions that remain so vivid and resist modernity. Here you will hear a flute, accordion, measured singers, and above all you will know that we are past the largest and lightest weight. If you think that the owners of ethno house tried to stop the wrong time we will. They are ethno house managed to marry their antiquity, history, history, architecture, culture, to continuous flow and demand what is coming is called. Host ethno house thought the entire width of hospitality. Guest can spend the night, sleep in it as in their home. You will not be fooled, you will learn to dawn in front of ethno arrives home earlier, more is retained, like a bride Cynics homes, where every guest leaves fed, happy and already dreaming about the new arrival. COME AND TO SEE WHO WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE, BECAUSE YOU NEXT TIME invent WAY TO US! ! !