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    Furniture, furniture making Pozarevac

    Address: 2 Djurdja Brankovica st., Pozarevac
    Fax +381 12 555 593

    Company UNIVER Savic is relatively young in the industry , founded in 2006 with a modest initial capital.
    In the past the company had an expansive market growth and achieved enviable results.From establishing the number of employees has increased 6 times, which is the best indicator of a healthy business potential .
    Today 's universal savić absolute market leader in this field in regionu.U April, 2010. opened a retail unit in a burg .

    The company has a modern and high-quality equipment to provide cutting and banding of laminated materials drveta.Takođe we are able to provide specific services and curvilinear material processing, tiplovanja and complete interior design of all types of residential and office furniture, custom-made .

    Potential working capital consists of over 20,000 square meters of laminated materials in stock and highly developed system of procurement in the shortest possible time roku.Organizational scheme consists of two parts:
    The sale is located almost in the center of the street Durda Brankovic No.2
    Manufacturing and services sector is the location of poultry farms at 27 April nn (where there is a storage area)