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    Auto parts Pozarevac

    Address: 25 Djure Djakovića st., Pozarevac

    We work in selling and installing parts for passenger and van vehicles, cargo vehicles and work machines.

    In our offer we'd like to highlight:


    Today instead of dynamo machines in motor vehicles we use almost exclusively alternators, i.e. alternating current generators.

    Thanks to their exceptional properties, they surpass dynamo mechanisms and have completely forced them out of use.

    Alternators are smaller, lighter and better capable of undertaking a vehicle motor work regiment.

    In addition, they are better at providing power to the vehicle and fill up the car battery much better.

    Parts of the alternator:
    - Charge regulators
    - Diod panels
    - Alternator straps
    - Alternator stators
    - Alternator rotors
    - Collector


    Anlaser, electrotrigger or electrostarter is an electric engine intended to start internal combustion engines.

    Most frequently anlaser starts the engine using a sprocket located in the nook.

    In order to extend its lifespan it's not constanly sprocketed with the nook but sprockets with it on ignition via bendix.

    Parts of the anlaser:
    - bendixi
    - brush carriers
    - anlaser rotors
    - anlaser automations