Address: 1 Trg oslobodioca Pirota st., Pirot
Pirot Phone: +381 10 321-971, +381 63 332-166

4/ 5stars

Independent catering and bakery shop KOMPANI is a shop with the longest tradition in the town. Tradition longer than 15 years, dates from the period of the year 1994. the dominant activity of the shop is the sale of barbecue, but after the year 200. they expanded their activities to hot sandwiches and chips that is sold on the stand in front of the shop in the spring-summer season. During the years the shop has changed three locations coming closer to the center of the town where it is now. The shop’s location is on the corner of Pirot Hotel and department Store, 50 m away from Srpskih Vladara Street. The shop has preserved the tradition of barbecue preparation. The biggest and the most sold brand is the famous burger of Pirot but the offer also includes gourmand burger, vesalica (stripe of pork meat), chicken leg, and homemade sausage that is warmly recommended by the host to all the guests. And for our children, fast food lovers, we recommend ham and cheese toast, smoked meat and cheese, salami and hot dog and always there are chips as a side dish to all sandwiches. Our motto is that we eat what we offer to you. So come and visit us and try our specialties. Yours truly SUPR Kompani Pirot.