Address: nn Zdrelo, Petrovac
Petrovac Phone: +381 64 956 17 77
Phone 2: +381 63 829 92 68
4/ 5stars

Household Simonovic is located in the village Zdrelo to 8 kilometers from Petrovac Valjevo and at only 700 meters from the famous spa Zdrelo.

Large expanses, evergreen and deciduous forests, interspersed with flowery meadows full of medicinal herbs allow great opportunities for a quality holiday, walking, recreation, sports, picking wild berries and herbs as well as many other recreational and entertainment mountain activities.

Within the household there is also the archery club "Prince Lazar", which allows you to safely practise this attractive olympic sport.

We will not neglect the children, we have activities ideal for them such as horse riding, various sports and many other activities.

In addition to comfortable accommodation for guests of our household we offer local cuisine.

Each room is with a private bathroom, a terrace and great views of the mountain.

Nearby are the monasteries Gornjak, Holy Trinity, Rešković, Annunciation, Vitovnica, Ždrelo lake, mountain Vukan, trout pond and a restaurant "The Godfather Rajko".


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