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    Lodging Petrovac

    Address: nn Zdrelo, Petrovac

    All lovers of pristine nature - the forested Homolje mountians, green meadows, clear brooks and springs, beautiful landscapes and fresh air are waiting just for you. Come to Zdrelo and see soul-inspiring beauty.

    Thirsty for knowledge about medieval Serbia, come to Zdrelo and learn about it by touring the monastery of King Milutin, Vitovnica, the Holy Trinity, the monastery of Lazar Gornjak and Reskova, Blagovestenje monastery, Lazarevic Stefan Visoki monastery and much more.

    If you're a hunter or an angler come to us and enjoy the bounties of Trest and Krilas hunting grounds and the lakes of river Mlava.

    If you're having health issues such as skin conditions, bone conditions or respiratory system troubles, come and enjoy the air spa of Zdrelo and Mali Vukan.

    With all this you also need rest and relaxation that you can afford in our accomodations, Jenic Zdrelo accomodations.

    This object has the capacity of 30 beds in double and triple groups with a 40 seat cafeterias.

    Every room has a bathroom, steam heating, TV and internet.

    We are located in the entrance to Gornjacka gorge, only several hundreds of meters away from the Zdrelo spa.

    We offer nice and pleasant stay at our ethnic restaurant in beautiful ambiance with lots of delicious drinks and diverse menu.