Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Petrovac

Address: 28 Petra Dobrnjca st., Petrovac na Mlavi

We work in producing inox gates and fences, inox railings for staircases and inox terraces.

Inox can be combined with wood and glass.

We also offer service material welding, including: prochrome, aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper, titanium, iron, steel and all other alloys.

We also have machines for grinding and polishing inox pipes between f15 and f100.


- Making prochrome and aluminum fences and railings
- Service grinding and polishing for inox pipes
- Making boilers for steam heating
- Welding all metals and alloys

Prochrome is a kind of stainless steel which prevents oxidation, rust and rotting.

High production criteria, longevity, durability and visual appeal compared to other materials make it broadly applied in producing terrace and staircase railings that are the absolute highest standard for equipping your business or residential area.

It can easily be combined with other materials as filling such as: glass, perforated tin, decorative stone and it is easy to maintain.

We recommend Wurth cleaning products for inox for best possible maintenance.

MB-A INOX, 28 Petra Dobrnjca st., Petrovac na Mlavi
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